Acer branch in progress

A dear friend gave me such a challenging assignment, a japanese acer branch.  
Being able to do everything step by step makes it so great to create it. It will be hard to let it go.



It has been a while since you’ve heard from me. We had a wonderful relaxing summer. Finally I had time to figure something out about  Puur Anders.

For a long time I feel an urge to start telling stories with my work. Like someone is telling me the time is now to inspire people with stories about our connection with nature, what we can learn from our ancestors  about our inner being and how we can grow and develop.

These stories have to be told. I cannot explain why. So this summer I decided to listen to this voice in my heart.

However this decision has consequences for my custom work.  I won’t stop taking orders, but I cannot accept the amount it used to be anymore. I put all my love in personalised objects which means it takes a lot of time. So as off now I only take a few assignments per month.

Of course I’ll keep you updated about the progress of the stories here on facebook. If you are interested in a botanical object with your photograph, please contact me. Orders are going fast and I hate to tell people I have no time. So don’t wait to long with contacting me.

Photo by Oak & Fir 
Styling by Inspire Styling
Model: Margriet Hospers


Paper art in Gorcums Museum


This exhibition 'Papier in de hoofdrol' in Gorcums Museum about paper art was on my wishlist for months and today I finally went. You can imagine I loved it.





Botanical garden Utrecht

Yesterday I visited the Botanical gardens in Utrecht with a dear friend. We spent the whole afternoon in this beautiful garden and it felt like we were on vacation.



1001 Lichtjes Fair

It was an amazing fair last sunday. I've spoken to so many people, saw the work of inspiring artists and enjoyed the atmosphere with my mother. She was there to help me to whole day. Thank you!

photo: Marjoleine van Kalken
photo: Marjoleine van Kalken
Photo: Marjoleine van Kalken

my little greenhouse
Caitie was also there :-)


photo: Marjoleine van Kalken
I loved seeing the work of the following artist:
Saga Studio
Chantana van Reemst

Het aardepaard
Jurianne Matter


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