Exhibition Beautiful Holland

I enjoyed the exhibition Beautiful Holland today in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. I especially loved the sketches and the original Verkade drawings of Jac.P. Thijsse.

Personalized fig branch

This is such a great assignment: a 70 cm long fig branch. It still needs some finish, but I'm quite happy with it. 


The result of our photoshoot

Last week Celinda and I had a photoshoot for our art project Sips & Whispers. We love the result. 
This is just a glimpse of the total exposition. Are you getting curious yet? Keep following us on our facebookpage. We'd love to see you there.


Sensitive Survivors | Lookbook

Sensitive Survivors | Kaarina

Dandelions, weeds, wallflowers... We often don’t see the beauty of them anymore. We walk pass them,  have seen them so many times.  
But if you take time to notice them, you’ll see how strong they are. 
They are unique in their own way.
For Sensitive Survivors I combined these seemingly fragile looking flowers and plants with photographs of sensitive women. They have so many in common with the wallflowers I saw. Combining them gave me the chance to show the world who they  really are. 

I gave these women a name.
 All different, one thing in common.

Snowdrop Kaarina is the first flower of my new serie Sensitive Survivors. 
To be continued....


Photoshoot for exposition project Sips & Whispers

We still have a smile on our face from our photoshoot yesterday. So nice to see how our work fits together. Illustrator and artist Celinda and I have great plans for an exhibition during the Dutch Design Week. Do you follow us on our way to Eindhoven on facebook?

Do you remember this tulip?



Shop is open again!

Finally, only one day to go and spring will be officially here. Puur Anders already woke up from her hibernation. As off today I'll take orders again.
During my wintersleep I've updated my website, made a lot of plans for an exposition with Celinda. and I created a new artproject. Soon I'll tell you more about that.
Thank you all for your patience. I'm looking forward to start working for you! 

Psst... my webshop is in english now too!

Puur Anders collection Hidden Memories
Styling: Inspire Styling
Photography: Oak & Fir
Model: Margriet Hospers



Last week

Sketching in the car for the exposition. 

I spotted this floral arrangement in Arnhem. Simple, but so beautiful. 


Testing and creating

This snowdrop made my day after the disappointment of the failed test with the flowerbud. I'm not giving up on the flowerbud though. It just needs some more thinking.



For my project with Celinda I'll have to make a lot of (new) flowers. So this weekend I bought some real ones to figure out how they look like.

I carefully picked some petals,

photographed the shapes of the leaves,

studied the colors and shapes..

and enjoyed the leftovers


Great plans

The first vintage photos for our project arrived.

Celinda and I have wonderful plans for an exhibition in October. And we are working on a crowdfunding campaign. 


Scenes from last week

After a week updating my website, figuring out how to make a snowdrop and translating my website into english, I was glad we had some time into the woods today.


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