I was already in a summermood finalizing the pending orders, but as of today I’m going offline. My webstore www.puuranders.nl will be open during the summer, but any queries or purchases made during this time will be answered and processed when I return online on August the 26th.  

Enjoy your summer!

from Lookbook Hidden Memories by Puur Anders
Styling: Anne van Midden, Inspire Styling
Photography: Danique van Kesteren, 88Forever
Model: Margriet Hospers

Meanwhile in my studio


Taking photographs of two assignments, a custom made wild flower and an orchid.


Peonies as goodbye gift

Unfortunately, the editors of a Dutch magazine had to say goodbye to six dear colleagues due to a reorganization. The chief editor wanted very much to give a beautiful and personalized gift.

Everyone is fond of peonies: pretty full, feminine, the promise of summer ... a flower that perfectly suited to the magazine. A wonderful job. Each peony is made from a production of the magazine.



You are beautiful and wonderful and are mine.

I've found this artwork by Bethany of Duendehandlettering on pinterest. She does make personal pieces too. It would be a beautiful idea for a wedding card, anniversary or maybe even a funeral card with a personal profile and text.


Plum blossom

I'm making a plum blossom branch for the parents of a girl who passed away. These are some tests, but I think it will turn out to be a beautiful memory.


Beautiful moments

I have been thinking lately about my blog. I've noticed the last couple months I had some lack of inspiration. Not good I guess when the idea behind my blog is to inspire you! So I came up with the idea to focus on these themes:

* My work / work in progress
* Nature
* Beautiful moments in life

The last one is new and I hope you will like it. Here is the first post about the beautiful maternity pictures by Yuna Leonard.

Intimate maternity photos by Yuna Leonard | 100 Layer Cakelet

Intimate maternity photos by Yuna Leonard | 100 Layer Cakelet   Intimate maternity photos by Yuna Leonard | 100 Layer Cakelet

Photos by Yuna Leonard / All outfits worn by Rina were thrifted (via 100 Layer Cake-let)


Lookbook Hidden Memories ~ collection 2014

Here it is! I wanted to visualize my story behind the photo leaves and flowers for so long. And this year I finally had enough confidence to set up a photoshoot. Thanks to Anne van Midden for pursuading me.

On the day of the shoot it was raining and it felt like Mother Nature was testing my determination. I had to let go of the images in my head and I knew I had to put trust in the team that they would understand the feeling behind my story. After a cup of coffee we went to the first shooting location in the woods. Stylist Anne put an Ivy rank on the head of model Margriet and photographer Danique held a leaf in front of her camera to make a beautiful composition. And me... I was quiet, realising I wasn't dreaming anymore. It felt good. And it still does. I'm happy! Thank you guys!



Sneak preview lookbook

It has been quiet here on my blog. Behind the scenes I'm working hard to get many custom orders ready for the holiday season start. But there is more. I'm hoping to show you next week a lookbook with my new work! Here is a sneak peak. And here another one.

Fabric poppy flower: Miranda van Dijk, Puur Anders
Styling: Anne van Midden, Inspire Styling
Photography: Danique van Kesteren, 88Forever
Model: Margriet Hospers


Meet the makers-interview


I'm a member of the Dutch Etsy team Ka-ching Collectief. They organize a lot a great events like a photography day for Etsy shops and of course the Craft party.
On their blog they introduce all their member with an interview. Today it is my turn in the feature 'Meet the maker', but here you can meet all the other makers.


Photoshoot preview


Time is precious at the moment. I have to be careful not to lose myself in the beautiful result of the photoshoot. More will follow, but this picture deserves a blogpost. So, so happy!

Styling: Anne van Midden, Inspire Styling
Photography: Danique van Kesteren, 88Forever
Model: Margriet Hospers


Together forever

Ring gemaakt van twee trouwringen en een pareloorbel.

Today I read an article about a woman who lost her loved one. She told about a beautiful ring. It was made of their weddingrings. Such a heart warming idea, being together forever.

I've found these two examples on the site of goldsmith Lianne de Witte.


Gift for a 40th wedding anniversary

For the wedding anniversary of her sister and brother-in-law she wanted to give a special gift. She herself thought of anemones. I had never made ​​them, but my heart leapt as anemones are one of my favorite flowers. And nothing is more fun than studying a new flower and make it.

Each flower was printed with a photo of the children of the couple, each in its own color. The anemones were given away in a vase. "My sister and brother were very pleased with the gift."


Etsy Craft Party

It was a tropical at the Etsy Craft Party today, but we had so much fun. Everybody worked very hard and went home with the most beautiful flowers. I was very proud. Thank you Ka-ching for organizing a wonderful party.
The teachers: Annelies from Allihoppa and me

Pictures by het Ka-ching Collectief and me


Flower inspiration

I've found these great images while looking for inspiration for a custom order. They were so beautiful, I had to share them with you.

Phalaenopsis bellinaorchid
It is THE flower that everyone who visits the #orchidshow this year is obsessing over, and it's not even an orchid! (Thanks @Bergdorf Goodman for the photo!)

Photo credits
All found on Pinterest.

* Phalaenopsis Bellina via Orchid Wiki 

* Pink-purple Orchid by

Margaret Neilson Armstrong via The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bergdorf Goodman via The New York Botanical Garden


Escape the rush

Today my son and I escaped the rush from everyday life. We went to the nature visitor centre in my town, Klein profijt. It is situated at the river, where Finn could spot large ships and some sailboats. We enjoyed doing nothing but throwing stones in the water and drinking our tea.

Workshop coming up

Only a few days to go... This Saturday I'll be teaching how to make paper flowers of a photograph. Today I made some examples.

June 7, 2014
11.00 – 16.00 uur
Open Coop
Tolhuisweg 2


Photo-albums looking for their rightful owners


I've always been amazed by looking for vintage pictures on flea markets. You can find complete albums and very private pictures. Weddings, newborns.... Imagine it would be your family pictures. For sale...

While reading a magazine in my favorite lunchroom this weekend I came across this great project by the Tropenmuseum. They are looking for the rightful owners of 342 photo-albums from the former Dutch-Indies. They have already found 16 families.


Behind the scenes photoshoot

It felt like a dream came true. The story behind my work finally visualized with a wonderful model, a great photographer and a fantastic stylist. Thanks guys!
These are some behind the scenes pictures. Check out Anne's instagram for more great pictures.
Soon more! 

Photographer: Danique van Kesteren, 88Forever
Stylist: Anne van Midden, Inspire styling


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